God Of War Ragnorak Character Arts Reveal First Look At Thor

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PlayStation had an impressive Showcase last night, announcing the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 2 and even revealing a new Wolverine game. Fans also got their first look at gameplay from the highly-anticipated God of War Ragnorak, the next episode in Atreus and Kratos' journey.

Though we caught a glimpse at many of the 2018's game's alumni, Thor's presence was only teased. But Santa Monica Studio has released a gallery of character designs, offering detailed showings of the sequel's characters, one of which includes Thor himself.

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God Of War Ragnorak Character Arts Reveal First Look At Thor

As seen below, the extensive cast of God of War Ragnorak has been detailed. As well as offering a clearer look at an older Atreus, Thor has also been showcased.

It seems like Ragnorak will present the God of Thunder as a red-haired, full-bearded figure, more closely towards his depiction in Norse mythology. This marks a major difference from the God's recent depictions in modern-day pop culture like the MCU. The Son of Odin will be played by Ryan Hurst, known for his roles in The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Bates Motel, and many more.

We also catch a more detailed look at friend-turned-foe Freya, the headless Mimir, alongside the Norse God of War's Týr.

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God Of War Ragnorak is launching in 2022 for PS4 and PS5, and we'll keep you posted when an official release date is announced.

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