God of War’s PC Port Is Being Outsourced to an External Developer

With God of War confirmed for PC, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that the port isn't being directly handled by Sony Santa Monica. Instead, they'll be supervising this port while a Canadian developer works on it instead.

Speaking to Arstechnica, Sony revealed that Jetpack Interactive is developing this PC version. Based in Vancouver, the studio previously worked on numerous PC ports, such as Dark Souls, NBA Live, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare II.

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God of War’s PC Port Is Being Outsourced to an External Developer

However, this collaboration might not end there. One Jetpack Interactive programmer, Warren Lee, was spotted listing God of War Ragnarok as a project he's currently working on. A Ragnarok PC port remains officially unconfirmed, but that's far from unlikely considering Jetpack's current work.

On the surface, it seems like a strange move considering Sony recently acquired Nixxes Software specifically for PC ports, but they could always be busy with other plans. What do you think of this listing? Make sure to follow us for more God of War news and updates.

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