God of War: Valkyrie locations - All Hidden Chambers!

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Once you have completed the majority of the main story in God of War, you may want to partake in some optional quests. 

There are an ample amount of quests throughout God of War, but none are more challenging than the Valkyrie's.


These hidden bosses are tricky to find and hard to take down.

But do not fear, we have all the locations covered for you!

Let's check them out. 


How Many

In total there are six Valkyrie's all over the God of War map.

More specifically there are: 

  • One in Niflheim
  • One in Muspelheim
  • Four in Midgard

So, players will have to do some adventuring over the map in order to find all of the Valkyrie's.

But, it will be well worth your troubles.



Check out the following YouTube video from HarryNinetyFour who showcases all of the Valkyrie locations.

If this is your first time checking out God of War, you will notice how intense these battles are.


As well, some of the endings with the Valkyrie's have amazing cut scenes.



If you are able to take down all six of these hidden bosses, you will be well compensated. 

Each one of these boss fights drops some of the best loot in the game.

As well, completing all six will reward you with the Valkyrie armor, a one of a kind armor set!