God of War Valkyrie Armor - How To Obtain The Armor Set

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God of War's reboot in 2018, it would be fair to say, set a new bar for Kratos's adventures. 

The once shouty, gore-hungry god was just as brutal as ever, but with a newfound connection with his son, Atreus.


Now, players are able to explore the game once again as it has released on PS5.

Once you have completed the game, you may be looking to get some of the best gear in the game.

This will be in the form of the Valkyrie armor, which is rather complicated to get.

Here's how!




In order to obtain the Valkyrie armor set, you will need to locate and defeat all of the Valkyrie's.

This should be done when you have completed the main story of the game and is one hardest tasks to do. 


We have covered where to find all the Valkyrie's here, but here is a quick refresher. 

n total there are six Valkyrie's all over the God of War map.

More specifically there are: 

  • One in Niflheim
  • One in Muspelheim
  • Four in Midgard



Once you have defeated all of the Valkyrie's you will access the best armor in the game.


Check out the following video from XStation, who showcases the armor and its amazing stats.

It offers a significant boost to your overall damage, so it is well worth obtaining!