God of War Treasure Map locations

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Some of you may be playing through God of War for the first time now.

Since the 2018 title is now playable on the PS5, it is a great opportunity to dive back into the game.


Like any open-world title. there are an ample amount of collectible and hidden items to go after.

God of War has multiple forms of collectibles, including Treasure Maps.

There a quite a few of these all over the map, and some are hidden fairly well/

Let's take a look at all the locations!


How Many

In total there are 12 Treasure Maps all over the God of War map.


Finding these maps will help you get one step closer to some incredible loot.

But, you will have to partake in some problem-solving in order to find the treasure afterward.



PowerPyx posted a YouTube video noting locations of all the treasure map locations.

Check it out below along with time codes beneath the video!

  • 1. The Historian - 17:20
  • 2. Finder's Fee - 11:56
  • 3. Creation Island - 10:32
  • 4. The Last Place They'd Look - 20:33
  • 5. Hunter's Kingdom - 18:21
  • 6. The Turtles Tribute - 0:06
  • 7. Dead and Bloated - 2:07
  • 8. Kneel Before Thor! - 3:59
  • 9. Don't Blink - 6:28
  • 10. Njord's Oarsmen - 8:45
  • 11. Island of Light - 15:24
  • 12. The Boat Captain's Key - 13:56