God of War Nornir Chest Locations and Solutions

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God of War 2018 is one of the best titles from this current time span of gaming.

Now, players are able to relive all the magic of this title on the PS5.


One of the most vital aspects of this game is upgrading your character as the story progresses. 

This can be done in the form of health and strength, and there are multiple ways to upgrade this.

One of the ways to do so is to solve Nornir chests all over the map.

You will have to solve some of these as apart of the story, but they get trickier as the game progresses. 

Here are all the locations!


How To Solve Them 

In order to open these chests, you will have to partake in some problem-solving.


You will have to hit three seals in a row, under a certain period of time to unlock these.

This can be rather tricky, however, as some of them are in tricky locations.

AS Well, getting the timing right for these can be problem some. 

But, you will get the hang of it eventually and find most of these to be a breeze.



PS5Trophies posted a YouTube video noting the locations of all the chests.


Check it out below, as well there are time codes below for further assistance!

  • 0:03 Wildwoods
  • 1:06 The River Pass
  • 2:10 The River Pass
  • 3:32 The River Pass
  • 4:15 The River Pass
  • 5:28 The River Pass
  • 7:22 Lookout Tower
  • 7:55 Cliffs of the Raven
  • 9:18 Foothills
  • 10:26 Mountain
  • 11:51 Mountain
  • 12:53 Forgotten Caverns
  • 13:34 Fafnir's Storeroom
  • 14:10 Light Elf Outpost
  • 15:23 Konunsgard
  • 16:24 Veithurgard
  • 17:06 Ty'rs Temple
  • 18:41 Alfheim
  • 19:13 Alfheim
  • 20:52 Alfheim
  • 21:43 Alfheim