God of War Lost and Found locations

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God of War's reboot in 2018, it would be fair to say, set a new bar for Kratos's adventures. 

The once shouty, gore-hungry god was just as brutal as ever, but with a newfound connection with his son, Atreus.


Now, players are able to explore the game once again as it has released on PS5.

There is an ample amount of ways to explore the region, and one of them is collecting items.

Lost and Found collectibles are one of the most sought after items in the game.

Here are all the locations for them!



How Many

There a few of these items located in the Wildwoods area. 

This is one of the opening locations in the game, and there is only four items you will need to find, 


So, it will not take much time to find all of these; but some of these are tricky to find.



GosuNoob posted a video of all the locations of the lost and found items.


Check out the video below for further details on all of them!

Best of luck trying to find all of these!

Be sure to let us know if you are replaying God of War for the second or third time!