Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches in March, New Gameplay Deep Dive Revealed

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Tango Gameworks and Bethesda have confirmed that after much speculation, Ghostwire: Tokyo is launching on March 25, 2022. Arriving on PS5 and PC, it follows a similar exclusivity deal to Deathloop between Bethesda and Sony, before Microsoft's acquisition of the former.

Speaking through a press release, Tango Gameworks provided this outline:

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game that challenges players to master the mystical arts of Ethereal Weaving while working to defeat the menacing Hannya and his followers, the Visitors, who have invaded Tokyo. These supernatural entities roam the stunning world of Ghostwire, creating a scintillating atmosphere that is a love letter to Tokyo, its curiosities, and secrets.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Launches This March, New Gameplay Deep Dive Revealed

As part of this, we've also got an in-depth look at Ghostwire: Tokyo through a gameplay deep dive. You can watch that in full below.

A Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo was also confirmed, where players will receive access to the Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit, and Kunai Weapon. Crucially, that provides early access for anyone pre-ordering it, available on March 22, 2022 instead. We'll keep you informed with further updates as they happen.

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