Ghostwire: Tokyo Could Have Been The Evil Within 3

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Ghostwire: Tokyo launches on PS5 and PC next month, but as it turns out, it could've been The Evil Within 3. Fans will remember The Evil Within marked Tango Gameworks' debut game in 2014, getting a sequel three years later with The Evil Within 2.

Speaking with GameSpot, The Evil Within 3 was eventually scrapped when Tango made major changes to the game’s setting. While both contain horror elements, Tango eventually drifted away from psychological horror, focused on the occult instead.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Could Have Been The Evil Within 3

Instead, Ghostwire: Tokyo revolves around cultists using supernatural spells across the world. We're also aware that Ghostwire: Tokyo is less of a survival horror game, offering an open-world experience with a greater action focus. You can check out the gameplay deep dive below:

Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to PS5 and PC on March 25 as a timed Sony console exclusive. Despite being published by Bethesda, it's skipping Xbox for now due to a Sony agreement with Tango Gameworks, before the studio was absorbed by Microsoft. As for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, both are available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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