Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Coming To Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Trailer Released

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint may have stumbled at launch in light of both technical and design issues, but that hasn't stopped Ubisoft continuing to build on the game.

Now, a new crossover event is being teased that will tie the game into Ubisoft's premier FPS, Rainbow Six Siege.


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Ubisoft has posted the brand new trailer for the crossover event over on their YouTube channel.

You can check it out down below! 



Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Coming To Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

In a new tweet from the Ghost Recon Twitter account, a message reads "it's official and it's coming. Intel brief tomorrow".

It’s official and it’s coming. Intel brief tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/Qlwjs7G1n5
— Ghost Recon (@GhostRecon)
January 13, 2021

The top reply is from the Rainbow Six Siege page with a message that says "our comms are open".


Why are we so certain it's a crossover? Alas, Ubisoft uploaded a video for the event that seemed to jump the gun somewhat - although it has since been made private.

What we gleaned from it is a small group of Siege Operators will be joining the Ghosts in a gas-covered version of Auroa.

It looks like we'll be teaming up (or playing as) Ash, Smoke and more, with the event kicking off on January 21.

We've recently seen Sam Fisher crossover into both Breakpoint and Siege, but this is the first time the two have crossed directly.


That said, Siege characters did appear in Wildlands, the predecessor of Breakpoint.

We'll update this page as we hear more.