Is Ghost Recon Frontline Actually a Battle Royale Game?

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Is Ghost Recon Frontline a Battle Royale? Ubisoft's Frontline is raising some eyebrows, as the newly announced game looks suspiciously similar to a battle royale game. However, it's not quite as simple as that.

The newest Ghost Recon puts its own spin on a massively multiplayer PvP shooter, and here's what you need to know.


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Is Ghost Recon Frontline A Battle Royale?

While Frontline drops a swarm of players in an area to scramble for loot and shoot each other, the win conditions are different from Fortnite and Apex Legends. Rather than just eliminate foes, these 3-person teams in Frontline are looking to secure intel across the map, going to specific objective points.

Once inside the area, teams must secure that intel and protect themselves, as foes can steal the position from them if they're wiped out. In a way, Ghost Recon Frontline focuses players on map objectives across a large map, rather than just defeat foes to win the match. In other words, Ghost Recon Frontline is a battle royale with a different take on winning matches.


As players secure intel, the usual shrinking circle of death won't close in on them. The number of kills made doesn't matter either, since the win condition isn't to be last team standing.

Ghost Recon Frontline Battle Royale - Win Conditions

In Ghost Recon Frontline, the team that's gathered the most intel and successfully escapes the island is crowned the winner. By offering a different win condition, teams that take cunning and tactical approaches on securing intel may find themselves rewarded.

Most competitive titles reward players for winning fights alone. Potentially, Ghost Recon Frontline shares some similarities to classic modes like Capture the Flag, and could herald the start of a new take on free-to-play shooters if it takes off.


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