Sucker Punch Says Iki Island is Challenging and Pirate Flavored

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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island differences might surprise fans of Jin's original adventure, but that's the intent. Sucker Punch senior staff writer Patrick Downs and creative director Jason Connell outlined some of the differences awaiting the samurai savior in Ghost of Tsushima's expansion when it releases August 20.

The first is the "flavor," as Sucker Punch called it. Downs and Connell told Press Start Iki Island is a haven for pirates and smugglers, so it's a marked change from what Jin is used to. The inhabitants aren't half so welcoming as Jin is used to.

The story in Iki Island is partly inspired by the idea of enduring trauma, something Downs said the entire team wanted to portray after the trials they and everyone else dealt with during the COVID pandemic.

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Sucker Punch Says Iki Island is Challenging and Pirate Flavored

A central figure in that dark story is Ankhsar Khatun and the followers she commands. These enemies are another part of Iki Island's unique "flavor," and Sucker Punch said players will have to devise new combat strategies to deal with the threats they represent.

Combat and the environment itself get a boost thanks to the PS5's power and DualSense controller. As an example, Connell said the DualSense conveys even the feeling of raindrops through haptic feedback.

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[Source: Press Start]