Ghost Of Tsushima Levelling System: How Does Jin Level Up?

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Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's last big first-party exclusive before the PlayStation 5 arrives later this year, is finally here.

While Jin begins the game's story battered and bruised, he soon becomes an almost unstoppable killing machine. Here's how he levels up.

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Ghost of Tsushima: How To Level Up

Jin doesn't level in the sense that a character from a recent Assassin's Creed does. That means there are no areas on the map where he'll be insta-killed, but it also means there are no weaker enemies to grind out.

Instead, Jin levels by earning Skill Points from completing "Tales", the game's story and side content. Doing so will allow him to invest those points into an impressively diverse skill tree, with areas focused on stealth, swordplay, survivability and more.

Jin can even learn new moves, and armour and weapons can be upgraded by finding vendors on the map. You'll need the materials required to improve your gear, though, so be sure to check for them wherever you go.

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