John Wick’s Director “Wants To Do It Right” for Ghost of Tsushima’s Film Adaptation

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Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima is heading to the big screen and director Chad Stahelski's making his passion clear. While game adaptations have historically been poorly received, one thing's clear for Stahelski about this project - he just "wants to do it right."

Speaking with IGN, Stahelski, best known for directing John Wick, mentioned that he wants to pull off Ghost of Tsushima's film since he knows "how video game adaptions can go." Part of his statement reads as:

We just want to do it right. You know how video game adaptions can go. So we're taking our time and doing it right. We're working very closely with the game developers to make sure we stick to what's great about it.

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John Wick’s Director “Wants To Do It Right” for Ghost of Tsushima’s Film Adaptation

Confirming that they're still working on a script, Stahelski believes that Ghost of Tsushima fans "would be very happy with what we're working on," though he also confirmed casting decisions haven't been made yet.

Stahelski also revealed he's played the game "many times," citing this as a reason for his interest in the project. Ghost of Tsushima originally released in July 2020 for PS4, receiving a Director's Cut last August on PS4 and PS5. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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