RacingGames.GG – the home for all things racing – revs into life.

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Start your engines! RacingGames.GG has launched, a brand new destination for all things racing catering to the needs of millions of virtual racing fans across the globe. And to the needs of brands that are looking to connect with them. As the new generation of consoles arrive, RacingGames will be in pole position to give a growing motorsport gaming community the informative and entertaining content it craves.

RacingGames joins,, and the RealGaming international sites in an ecosystem that delivers news, opinion and expert analysis to more than 12 million users a month and is on target to deliver revenue of £2 million this financial year. You can visit the site here.


RacingGames will also bring gamers ever closer to Gfinity’s world-leading esports productions such as the F1 Esports Pro Series and the Global Racing Series V10 R-League, delivered in partnership with Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management. RacingGames.GG will be edited by former RealSport Deputy Editor and virtual racing expert Toby Durant, who leads a talented and driven team of creators.

“Racing has always been a core component of RealSport and Gfinity’s DNA.” Says Toby, who has overseen racing content that has driven more than a million users on RealSport. “2020 has seen virtual racing come to the fore, and with millions of fans enjoying our content will give us a platform to dive deeper into the world of racing and offer the community more focused coverage of the games they love."