New Mod Turns Simpsons Hit & Run Into One Map

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The Simpsons Hit & Run is a classic game, which many of us look back on fondly.

Though now we all may have a reason to revisit it!


Thanks to the fantastic work of modder Colou, Hit & Ru has been given a new lease of life, making the game fully seamless between levels.

It looks absolutely amazing!

An Amazing Mod

18 years after the game’s original release, The Simpsons Hit & Run has been stitched together.


That’s right, the map is now all connected, finally turning the classic into a fully open-world experience.

The video below is amazing and details everything the modding team went through to make it all work.

From editing in new assets, tweaking the lighting and overall making sure the game still runs its an impressive feat.


Though fans looking to try it out for themselves will need a PC Version.

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A PC Copy Of Hit & Run 

Some sites are reporting that the PC version is already difficult to track down, though we’ve had no trouble finding it online.


You will need a CD ROM drive, but on sites like CEX and eBay, there are a slew of options to pick up the game for under £20.

Though, you may want to move fats.

With this new mod on the market, players may want to get their hands on a copy of the game to play it for themselves.

Good luck getting one for yourself, and be sure to check this mod out if you can!