Hitman 3 Mendoza Silent Assassin, Suit Only Professional Walkthrough

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Hitman 3 is full to the brim with challenges to test your mettle as an assassin.

One such optional feat is to complete a mission Silent Assassin, Suit Only.


You kill both targets, with no bodies found, you are never spotted, all camera evidence is destroyed if you are seen by one and do all that in your starting suit.

We know it’s a lot but we are here to help you out.

Here’s how to complete Mendoza In Hitman 3 Silent Assassin, Suit Only.

The Mendoza Setup

This tactic for Mendoza should work on professional difficulty.

It’s likely that a similar strategy could be used on Master but with more guards and moved item placements you may need to tweak your strategy.

Though on Professional, remember to manually save regularly! You’ll still beat the challenge with or without saving but it means if you mess up you’ll be able to restart!


Death will come! (Image: IO Interactive)

Also, don’t worry about playing the level and discovering everything first, you shouldn’t need any shortcuts for this walkthrough. So let’s get into what you’ll need to take with you.

The following guide is based on the one by MrFreeze2244.

To start off with you’ll want to take your preferred Silent Pistol, Coins and a Lockpick.

The Coins will help distract any out of place NPCs and the Lockpick should make traversing around the map a breeze! You could swap the Lockpick for a Lethal Syringe instead if you have one!

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Mendoza Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Kick off the Mission at the default Winery Viewpoint Starting Location. Grab the invitation from Diana then sprint away!


If you have the Syringe, stab the first target in the back before talking to Diana.

If not head to the party and show the guard your invitation and head to the cinema area to grab a propane flask!

Now you’ll need to head back through the party and place the flask in the spot behind Vidal when she’s on the balcony. Put it as close as you can!

Turn around and hop into the flowerbed behind the guard that’s leaned up against it and subdue from here to hide his body without being spotted.

Now, wait for Vidal to finish her conversation with Diana and just as she stubs out her cigarette, pop the flask! This should still count for Silent Assassin as it is an Accident Kill, which can be spotted.

If you aren’t convinced, if your SIlent Assassin marker is still green then you should be golden!

Now it’s time for target two.


Head back to the main winery area and go down to the floor area by going behind the workers. Make sure to stay hidden for this next part as you are Trespassing. Use things like barrels to hide from the NPCs down here.

(Image: MrFreeze2244)

Grab the fuse from the table on the left and carefully crouch walk through the area and subdue the guard watching from the upper platform then subdue the guard on the lower level by the grapes. Put the second guard in the crate but leave the first, he shouldn’t be found and dropping him will kill him!

Continue carefully!

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(Image: MrFreeze2244)

Head back the previous lower area, grabbing a wrench on the way and sneak over to some wine barrels for cover while a conversation plays out. When the guard on the left walks away, use a coin or other object to distract the right guard and make him walk over to the grape presser.

Make a beeline for the main valve and tamper with it

(Image: MrFreeze2244)

Head back to where you knocked out the guards before and hide there. While you do, put the fuse in the fuse box and wait until the target to appear. Make sure to stay out of the way from any guards when they eventually move away from the wine-soaked area. Use your pistol to shoot the plug next to the target then turn on the power to electrocute the target!


(Image: MrFreeze2244)

As another accident kill, it doesn’t matter if the body is found! No it’s time to leave the mission. Head towards a vent in the back area, using the camera to hack it open.

(Image: MrFreeze2244)

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Once outside, choose your exit location of choice but you should no longer be trespassing once you are outside so you are practically finished!

We hope this guide helps and check out MrFreeze2244’s video for more help if you need it!