G3 - Your Views: Championship Sunday

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Here is community writer, Jon Nicholson, on his experience of Championship Sunday at G3!




Early on a bright and sunny Sunday morning I (along with thousands of other eSports fans) descended on the Copperbox Arena, to witness some of the best gamers from around the world. With G3 being my first eSports event attended in person, I had no idea what to expect…


The atmosphere in the arena was electric as fans grabbed a seat for the opening matches of the day. As a supporter of CoD eSports, I sat down and watched the first game of the day. This happened to be fan favourites OpTic Gaming and Epsilon eSports! The American team were the clear crowd favourites during the match, which went to a thrilling game 5. Epsilon caused something of an upset though, taking the series 3-2.


After the game, the waves of people moved around the arena, bumping into top players and teams. Naturally the competitors were surrounded by fans wanting to grab autographs and pictures with their favourites. I headed backstage to the players’ lounge, where I began talking to the one and only Hastr0 owner of Team EnVyUs. With this being his 4th trip to London, he told me that he believes the only way is up for UK professional Call of Duty and UK eSports as a whole. He also said, confidently, that his team will win the entire event (later, Team Envy beat Epsilon in the Grand Final and take home $30,000)!

I also spoke to MBoze (OpTic Nation) about the event. “The scale of the entire event is up there with CoD Champs and MLG events…” he said. It’s the first time that he has ever left the USA to play in a tournament! His team managed to achieve a 4th place finish.



As the final games were played, the crowd built once again to witness Epsilon take on Envy in the Call of Duty Final. Both teams threw everything at each other with some phenomenal gameplay and skill. A personal highlight was seeing Formal of Envy score a double kill while capturing a flag on Domination. Some of the best gameplay came from the sniper rifle in the hands of Europe’s finest, Jurd and Tommey. Their steady shots sent the crowd wild and kept their teammates determined and focused on the task in hand.

Overall, my experience at G3 was absolutely fantastic. I had the opportunity to meet some of CoD eSports’ household names and see some of the best Call of Duty action ever seen. I can’t wait to attend G4 to see what Gfinity will do next…


Author: Jon Nicholson (@MrJonno_95)