Black Ops Cold War: Leakers Describe New Camos And They're Very Excited

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The beta is in full swing for Black Ops Cold War!

Fans are getting to grips with the gameplay and awaiting the full release of the game in November.

For Call of Duty fans, appearance and customisation are a significant aspect of the game.


In other words, there needs to be a wide range of camos and skins.

Well, according to leakers, Treyarch is aware of this and we can expect an exciting selection of camos at the game's release.

Leakers Are Excited About Cold War's Camos

@TheMW2Ghost, a well-known leaker, has recently tweeted about the extensive range of camos planned for Cold War.

According to him, the camos are not all going to serious and realistic.

We can expect a range of light-hearted and fun camos as well.

On top this, the leaker has also described the list of planned skins as "massive".

It's fair to say we can expect plenty of customisation options for our guns.

You can check out his tweet's below:


Courtesy of @TheMW2Ghost


It's clear to see the leaker is excited about Treyarch's plans for camos in Cold War.

However, as the @TheMW2Ghost states in his tweet, not all of the camos will be earnable through challenges.

A lot of them will only be available to purchase from the paid in-game store.

Either way, it's great to see Treyarch providing players with a wealth of customisation options.

It's only a month until you can jump in and equip your favourite camo or skin.


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