Announcing Green Man Gaming as an official supplier to the 2015 Gfinity Championship

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We are very excited to announce Green Man Gaming, the world’s fastest growing digital games retailer, as an official supplier to the 2015 Gfinity Championship Series.



The sponsorship agreement opens up new opportunities for Green Man Gaming to engage with millions of eSports and gaming fans internationally as well as giving gamers access to extraordinary range if deals, events and prizes including:

  • Exclusive deals, special offers, and VIP sales from Green Man Gaming
  • Competitions, features and giveaways throughout the Gfinity Championships
  • Special access to Gfinity Championship tickets in 2015 for Green Man Gaming customers
  • Opportunities to preview the latest upcoming titles from top publishers at the Gfinity Arena


Operating in over 190 countries, Green Man Gaming was recently profiled in The LEAP 100; ( a list compiled by City A.M. highlighting a new wave of ambitious UK companies who have demonstrated success and growth. The partnership with Gfinity is intended to further support and grow the thriving UK gaming and technology industry.



“This is a true celebration of pioneering UK game businesses coming together to deliver an unrivalled eSports experience that will resound on a worldwide scale” said Paul Sulyok, CEO Green Man Gaming.


“We are immensely proud to be an Official Supplier of the Gfinity Championships. As one of the world’s leading experts in digital games retail, our partnership with Gfinity seemed a natural fit. It’s a fantastic deal that will offer incredible opportunities for our publishing partners, as well as the chance for the Green Man Gaming and Gfinity communities to engage in the truly immersive, engaging power of eSports.”        



The 2015 Gfinity Championships run until September 2015 at the Gfinity Arena in VUE Fulham Broadway, London. Tickets are available here: