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Genshin Impact Yunjin - Everything We Know

Looking for details about Genshin Impact's Yunjin? This singer, dancer, and brewer at the Heyu Teahouse in Liyue Harbor is a famous figure among local residents and travelling merchants, and, as Keqing mentions, if you want to go see her yourself you'll have to contend with the crowds of fans that flock to see her perform.

Though we've never seen Yunjin in Genshin Impact, leaks from datamining confirmed that she may well be a playable character in the near future, and some think that she may arrive sooner rather than later now that now we're returning to Liyue Harbor for the Moonchase Festival. So what exactly do we know about this enigmatic performer?

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In this Genshin Impact Yunjin guide, we'll run through the details, whether it's what was revealed by datamining, or what we've learnt about her backstory through the lore entries of other characters. We'll also offer some speculation around her weapon, rarity, and element.


What Is the Genshin Impact Yunjin Release Date?

It's possible that Yunjin will release as an NPC before she becomes a playable character, but there really isn't any indication as to when that might be. We know that Yunjin was apparently supposed to be a Geo character, meaning she doesn't need to wait for the Dendro element to be added to the game like Baizhu or YaoYao.

This means if she is added that it will probably be between the introduction of new regions, such as after Inazuma but before Sumeru, or after Sumeru but before Fontaine – if the region order of the preview trailer remains consistent, that is. Yunjin releasing just before Fontaine would also make a lot of sense, considering she fits thematically with the theatrical stylings of its twins, Lynette and Lyney.

We haven't had a story quest for Xinyan yet, either, and seeing as she's an acquaintance of Yunjin and plays a genre of music that comes from Fontaine, we may well get content for both characters around then, or maybe Yunjin will act as our guide to the new region as Beidou did for Inazuma.

Is There a Genshin Impact Yunjin Banner?

Yunjin hasn't released yet and potentially won't for quite a while yet, which means there is no banner for her as of right now. According to datamining, she is apparently a Geo polearm-wielder, and considering we already have a five-star Geo polearm-wielder in Zhongli, it makes sense that she'd be a four-star.


Genshin Impact Yunjin Build and Abilities

If datamining is to be believed, Yunjin will be a Geo character. Many have compared her to Barbara, in the sense that she is kind of like Liyue Harbor's idol and is celebrated by her fans in a similar way. We also know that she is a fan of Xinyan and her Fontaine-inspired rock music, so it's safe to assume that Yunjin's abilities will be pretty heavily music-themed.

But Yunjin is also a dancer and a brewer, so maybe that'll come into play as well, with some form of evasive skill or perhaps a healing ability that shows off her famous homemade drinks and concoctions.

Genshin Impact Yunjin Weapon

While we know little about the famed opera singer and dancer, datamining has confirmed that she's most likely a polearm-wielder. Unlike Baizhu, no specific character weapon for her surfaced, though. Still, maybe she'll get something thematic, a little like The Flute sword in polearm form, or maybe a weapon resembling a microphone stand? Even if she doesn't, there are still plenty of extremely strong polearms for her to use, including Baal's upcoming polearm, Engulfing Lightning, in Genshin Impact 2.1.

And that's everything we know about Genshin Impact's Yunjin. If you want to learn more about other upcoming characters, we have guides for La Signora, Kokomi, Thoma, and even Scaramouche. Check them out!