miHoYo Teases Yoimiya in New Genshin Impact Trailer

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Genshin Impact Yoimiya is about to make her debut in the game, and miHoYo released a new trailer highlighting the Nagonohara Fireworks boss' popularity on Narukami.

The trailer shows the Traveler asking everyone what their favorite part of summer on Narukami Island is. They hem and haw, never giving a definite answer, but the island's main attraction on warm summer nights soon becomes clear.

Yoimiya's fireworks light up the darkness to great applause as the screen fades to black.

The Pyro bow user, and friend of Kamisato heir Ayaka, will headline the second banner in Genshin Impact 2.0 around August 10, accompanied by four-star Anemo character Sayu, though the remaining two characters are still a mystery for now.

miHoYo Teases Yoimiya in New Genshin Impact Trailer

The update refresh also introduces Yoimiya's story quest, Carassius Auratus, which, unsurprisingly, seems to center around fireworks.

It's likely not the last big story update Genshin will see this year either.

Beta users and dataminers claim the remaining Inazuma patches will have hardly any "filler" and will continue adding new islands, mechanics, and story material leading up to the Chasm area reportedly being included sometime early in 2022.

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