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Genshin Impact Yelan (Fu Hua) - Everything We Know

The upcoming Genshin Impact Yelan isn't technically Honkai Impact's Fu Hua, though fans would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Fu Hua's name in Genshin Impact is Yelan, and a leaked Moonchase Festival trailer leaked her existence ahead of the event's start date sometime in the Genshin 2.2 update.

While we know Genshin 2.2 will include Thomaand possibly Gorou or even Yae Miko, there's still some uncertainty about when Yelan will actually make her appearance. If earlier rumours are correct, we could see her and other Liyue characters show up once the Traveler's time in Inazuma wraps up.

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Here's everything we know about Genshin Impact Yelan so far.


When Is the Genshin Impact Yelan Release Date?

The Moonchase Festival starts in October, though Genshin Impact 2.2's story will likely still take place in Inazuma, since it's when Tsurumi Island, the final in the nation's archipelago, will show up.

However, earlier rumours suggested future updates after Inazuma and before Sumeru will open the Chasm area near Liyue. If that's true, we'll likely see Yelan – and other Liyue characters – turn up then.

What Is the Genshin Impact Yelan Banner?

We don't know much about Yelan so far, though given her prominent position in the trailer, we'd be surprised if she weren't a five-star character. As for who else could show up in a Yelan banner, there's any number of possibilities.

Rumours of Hu Tao and Ganyu reruns have circulated for months, and the in-between moments a Chasm focus could offer would be a good point to add remaining Inazuma characters that didn't fit in the main narrative. Some portions of the leaked trailer also show Chongyun, Xiangling, Hu Tao, and others as young children, though they could just play a role in the story quests.

Image showing young Hu Tao, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Chongyun from Genshin Impact Moonchase leak
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Genshin Impact Yelan Constellations and Skills

Yelan's existence is pretty much the only guaranteed thing at this point. Outside the trailer, there's no other information floating around yet about her constellations or abilities. If you're looking for some extra help ahead of her potential arrival, here are our lists of Genshin Impact Electroculus locations and Genshin Impact codes for free Primogems.