Genshin Impact Event Wish-2 Explained

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MiHoYo is introducing a new kind of wish in Genshin 2.3, the Event Wish-2 feature. Players may now see two Character Wish banners with a shared 5-star guarantee system. This new double banner system can be confusing, though, but here's how it works.

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Genshin Impact Event Wish-2 Explained


The first double banner will feature Albedo and Eula as part of the first half of theVersion 2.3 Shadows Amidst Snowstorms update. They feature a separate counting system, so Wishes made in the Event Wish-2 banner won't count towards your Wishes in standard or item banners, and vice versa. miHoYo also said the Event Wish-2 banner isn't a constant thing and will only pop up from time to time.

However, the Wish count is shared between the character event banner and Event Wish-2 banner character banner. Here's how miHoYo describes it:

1. If you fail to obtain a 5-star character after making 50 Wishes in "Character Event Wish" and continue to wish in "Character Event Wish-2," within a maximum of 40 Wishes made in "Character Event Wish-2," you will be guaranteed to obtain a 5-star character from "Character Event Wish-2."
2. If you obtain a 5-star character from "Character Event Wish" that is not the 5-star Promotional Character on "Character Event Wish" and continue to wish in "Character Event Wish-2," the next 5-star character will be guaranteed to be the 5-star Promotional Character from "Character Event Wish-2."

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In simpler terms, players can keep on spending Wishes on either banners and their 90-roll guaranteed 5-star system will keep counting up. Players can strategize their rolls for this double banner for the characters they want in the two banners.

After the double banners reruns in Version 2.3, the Limited Character Wish banner will return with Arataki Itto and Gorou as the featured characters.