How To Get The Catch In Genshin Impact and Golden Koi Locations

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Looking for how to get The Catch in Genshin Impact? This four-star fish fork of a polearm is one of the new weapons introduced in version 2.1, and best of all, it only costs fish to acquire it. This is because The Catch is part of the new Genshin Impact fishing feature, and can be claimed as a potential reward from the fishing association.

But there are plenty of four-star polearms out there, including the craftable Kitain Cross Spear from version 2.0, so why is this Genshin Impact weapon so popular? Well, that might be something to do with the fact that it's a great free polearm pick for new five-star Electro character Raiden Shogun. Its secondary stat is energy recharge, which synergises well with her, and it offers a decent boost to elemental burst damage. The Catch also doesn't require other copies of itself in order to be refined, making it pretty darn good.


So how do you get this special spear? In this Genshin Impact The Catch guide, we'll walk you through where to get it, what you'll need, and how to refine the weapon so you can get the most out of its effect and stats.

The Catch polearm in the Inazuma fishing association menu.

How To Get The Catch In Genshin Impact

You can find The Catch polearm at the Inazuma fishing association. Kujirai Momoji's location is marked on the map and is just outside of Inazuma City, by the teleport point to the south of Byakko Plain. If you speak to her, you'll find you can make an exchange for The Catch, its refinement material, and the Narukawa Ukai special fishing rod.

There's a catch, though – literally in this case. In order to get this pronged polearm, you have to exchange fish. Here's what you'll need to get it:

  • Six Raimei Angelfish
  • Twenty Golden Koi
  • Twenty Rusty Koi

If you want to refine that bad boy, you're also going to need to purchase four Ako's Sake Vessels. Here's what each one costs:

  • Three Raimei Angelfish
  • Ten Pufferfish
  • Ten Bitter Pufferfish
The Inazuma fishing association, where you can find The Catch.

Raimei Angelfish Locations

The Ramei Angelfish are the rarest fish that you'll need to catch, and you can find them by the shipwreck to the east of Tartarasuna and the southeast of the Kujou encampment. We recommend False Worm bait. These fish are also nocturnal, so be sure only to look for them at night.

Golden Koi Locations

The Golden Koi is found in multiple places. The first is on Seirai Island, located in the channel between Koseki Village and Fort Hiraumi. You should find it easily if you walk south down the beach on the west side of the channel, on the island where Koseki Village is located.

In Liyue, you can also find it at Luhua Pool by the ruins, on the beach to the west of Wangshu Inn, below the broken bridge to the west of Mingyun Village, and in Mondstadt, just to the south of the Whispering Woods on Cider Lake, and at the spot in the Stormbearer Mountains. We recommend using Fake Fly bait.


Rusty Koi Locations

Lucky for you, Rusty Koi can be found wherever Golden Koi can, the only exception being they are not in the Stormbearer Mountains, so simply head to the fishing spots listed above. As with Golden Koi, we recommend using Fake Fly bait.

Pufferfish Locations

In Inazuma, look for Pufferfish on the wharf to the west of Ritou, and by the little gap between islands to the south of Fort Hiraumi on Seirai. You can also find them on the point jutting out to the east of Liyue Harbor.

In Mondstadt, find them by the island to the west of Dawn Winery and to the south of Mondstadt on Cider Lake, on the side opposite the city. We recommend using Fake Fly bait.

Bitter Pufferfish Locations

Much like the Koi, Bitter Pufferfish are found in the same locations as their regular variant, but also on Nazuchi Beach directly opposite Takashi's Conch house. You can also find them in the pool to the west of the Oceanid boss arena near Qingce Village. As with regular Pufferfish, we recommend using Fake Fly bait.

Fishing for Pufferfish in Genshin Impact.

What Are Fish Respawn Times?

If you're wanting to get The Catch and refine it up to level five using Ako's Sake Vessels, you're going to need to catch quite a lot of fish. As far as we can tell, fishing spots seem to take three days to repopulate.

If you want to test this out, just fish a spot completely, and then wait to see for yourself how long it takes before it fills up again. Based on this, it shouldn't be too hard to catch as many as you need – as long as you've still got bait, that is.

That's everything in our how to get The Catch guide. If you're looking for more details surrounding version 2.1, be sure to check out our Hydro Hypostasis boss guide and our Thunder Manifestation boss guide. We've also got a list of Amakumo Fruit locations to help you ascend the Raiden Shogun.