Genshin Impact: Spices From The West Event - How To Unlock It, How To Play, and Rewards

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The latest cooking event in Genshin Impact is nearly here, so get your utensils ready for the Spices From The West event! We’ll run through the duration, how to play and what you get from it right here.

Spices From The West is a cooking event that comes with the 2.6 Zephyr of the Violet Garden update, and as the name suggests, is focused on Seasonings found in Genshin Impact. The update has players help Nazafarin research seasonings by making the recipes she gives you. She’s a researcher hailing from Sumeru and has come to further her findings. You’ll be rewarded for your time with in-game currency, as well as upgrade items. You’ll need to fill some requirements to unlock the event, but don’t worry - it's not too complicated.

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Spices From The West Event Release Date And Duration

The Spices from the West event begins on May 14, 2022, at 10 am local time. It runs until June 7. The event comes as part of the third phase of Version 2.6, following the delay of update 2.7.

How To Unlock The Spices From The West Event

Unlocking the Spices from the West event has a couple of requirements. Players will need to reach Adventure Rank 20 in order to create seasonings. You’ll need to be Rank 28 (but a maximum of 35) to complete the Idle Teapot Talk quest, which allows you to cook the right dishes and ask characters to taste-test them. This also unlocks the ‘A Teapot to Call Home’ Quest, which gives you the Serenitea Pot Function which lets characters be summoned for the taste tests.

Basically, reach Rank 28, and then complete the Idle Teapot Talk and A Teapot To Call Home Quests, and then you can successfully do it all!

How to Play Spices From the West

To play the event correctly, there are a few different areas to keep an eye on. They boil down to these five points:

  • Help research seasonings for Nazafarin
  • Try out the seasoning recipes
  • Make the new seasonings you find
  • Have companions test the recipes at Serenitea Pot

Nazafarin will tell you which recipes she wants you to use, as well as which seasonings. There are seven recipes in total that you can get, and each has three ingredients within it.

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There’s a minigame involved in creating the seasonings; it consists of a cooking pot with a slider underneath it. Ingredients go into the pot, and the slider will point to those. Be quick and correctly choose them. This minigame has a limit of three tries to create a seasoning, so be careful not to waste them.

When you have the dishes ready, you can give them to your companions that you invite to Serenitea Pot. The Fragrant Dishes - made from Delicious Dishes - will increase Companion Levels, and if you give the right ones to the right people, they will also gain XP. Each character has different tastes, so pay attention to their preferences.


Spices From the West Event Rewards

The rewards you get for completing the Spices from the West event are really helpful. You get some Mora, and some Primogems to spend, as well as Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement, and some weapon ascension materials.

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