Genshin Impact: Liben's Location in Marvellous Merchandise Event

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Genshin Impact has yet another helpful event for players this month, this time a rerun which has players asking where their favourite NPC is. So what is Liben’s location in the Genhsin Impact Marvellous Merchandise Event this time?

The recurring event is a great opportunity for you to get a load of stuff, for relatively little effort. The travelling Liyue merchant Liben offers an array of Boxes O’ Marvels, relating to each elemental type. He’ll ask for an amount of some usually random and mundane object in exchange for the boxes. The catch is, we don’t know where he is. The event runs for a whole week in May, and each day you can earn a different box. The boxes in question can give you Primogems, ascension materials, and Mora.


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Table of Contents

Date and Duration of Marvellous Merchandise Event

The Marvellous Merchandise Event comes at the end of the 2.6 version update and runs from 6 May 2022, til 13 May. The event starts at 10 AM local time.

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How To Unlock The Marvellous Merchandise Event

‘Unlocking’ the event is easy. There are no complicated quest or item requirements. All you need is to make sure you're at least Adventure Rank 12, and then speak to Liben (once we know where he is…)

Liben’s Location and Required Items For The Marvellous Merchandise Event

Now for the tricky bit. The point of this event is that players need to track down Liben, sort of hide-and-seek if you will. His first appearance had him popping up in different cities, but then the next event he was only in Monstadt. It is likely he will only be in Monstadt again this time. However, there is no confirmation of this yet.


Then, once you’ve spoken to him and kicked off the event, you’ll need to bring him the resources he asks for in exchange for one of his Box O’ Marvels. This can range from mundane items like pinecones to specialty items such as Onikabuto from the Inazuma area. Don’t worry, though, there’s not been anything hard to find. Once you have the items, speak to him again, and select a box of rewards.

Rewards From Liben

The seven different Box O’ Marvels offered by Liben have a variety of contents. The boxes are all named after the elemental forces in the game. Remember, you can only get one each day.

You’ll be able to look at and judge the boxes before you choose them, but the type of box can be random given the day. Don’t be surprised if your selection differs to other players - the boxes rotate through the week. The boxes can contain XP, materials, Talent Books or currency.


If you’re on the ball and can redeem five of Liben’s Box O’ Wonders within as many days, you get a special prize: a Mega Box O’ Marvels. This has more great rewards in it and is definitely worth completing the event in good time.