Genshin Impact: How To Reach The Highest Point In Dragonspine

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In Genshin Impact, players can explore up to their's heart content in Mondstadt, Liyue, and other new regions that'll open up in future updates. For one, Dragonspine has a high point where players can enjoy looking across the known regions in the game. Here's how to climb the highest point in Dragonspine

How do you reach the highest point in Dragonspine?

To get to this top spot, players will need access to the summit of Dragonspine and the Peak of Vindagnyr domain unlocked. If this is not yet unlocked, players can finish the In The Mountains quest line from Iris at the foot of Dragonspine.


Once that's completed, players will need to teleport to the Teleport Waypoint at top of Dragonspine or on the Peak of Vindagnyr to start making their way up to the summit of Dragonspine.

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Bring Pyro and Anemo Characters

Even though the Peak of Vindagnyr domain looks like the limit where players can go up, people can actually go higher than that in Dragonspine. To go farther up, players will need to follow the spiral path upward to the summit and may have to climb a few structures and peaks to get up there.


The path will need to activate some Anemo switches to bring forth gusts of wind to go higher up to the summit. During the climb, the Pyro character will be needed to keep your team warm to quickly light up torches and bonfire on the way up. On the summit, there will be another Anemo switch that will send the character to floating debris near the levitating Skyfrost Nail.

Climbing the Skyfrost Nail

Once standing on one of the the debris near the Skyfrost Nail, players will need glide toward the nail. In this part, you'll need all your character's climbing stamina and avoid jumping toward the top. If jumps are spammed, the character will run out of stamina near the top and fall a long drop below.

To get on top of the Skyfrost Nail, players will need to patiently climb upward without skipping. Once you're on top, enjoying the view is all that it takes. The top of the nail is also slightly spacious. Bring friends on top of the nail is definitely possible.


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