How To Reach Adeptal Energy Rank Humble Abode In Genshin Impact

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For better or worse, Genshin Impact is a game about grinding to get some sweet Primogems for those awesome-looking characters, which isn’t a bad thing since the main game is fun to play on its own, with most of the unlockable heroes and heroines playing differently from each other.

While purchasing Primogems with real money is definitely an option, Genshin Impact does let you complete a good number of challenges and activities to get you some of that currency, and with the new 1.5 update likely to add more of them now that the game is on PS5.

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How To Reach Adeptal Energy Rank Humble Abode In Genshin Impact

Players are currently trying to complete as many activities as they can to get more currency and rewards, including increasing their Adeptal Energy Rank to Humble Abode.

This activity was added in Genshin Impact recently, focusing on letting players play out their house designer fantasies, albeit in a magical teapot, and you can get some good rewards from reaching the Humble Abode Rank.

It’s simple enough to increase your Adeptal Energy Rank as players just have to place furniture and trees in your teapot, and doing this daily will increase your energy level bit by bit.

It's worth noting though that making furniture takes time, in some cases days to finish.

To reach the rank of 'Humble Abode' players will need 2000 Adeptal Energy. So it's by no means a quick process.

This will likely be an activity that players have to spend a good few days grinding to complete, though getting more coin to spend in the game does make it a worthwhile endeavour all the same.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG available now on the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices, with a Nintendo Switch version reportedly in the works as well.