Genshin Impact: How To Get Rewards From Mysterious Voyage Event

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Mihoyo has pushed the new Mysterious Voyage web event for its Genshin Impact players. The event pits the Traveler and Paimon waking up in a well-equipped ship and going on a trip to where the player pleases. Here's how to get the rewards from this event

Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage Web Event Explained

As seen from the web event's page, the Mysterious Voyage event features the Traveler and Paimon suddenly waking up in a ship. The Traveler checks the ship and finds that the ship has enough supplies to go on a voyage. The player will decide the Traveler's course and choices in this web event.

The goal in this web event is to try out every course available for the Traveler to choose. Every path chosen will use up Energy which could be earned through visiting some Mihoyo pages, sharing the event page, and doing in-game tasks.

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How To Get Rewards From Mysterious Voyage Event

Getting the rewards from Mysterious Voyage requires players to keep clearing routes and exhausting every route available for the Traveler's voyage. Some routes will mostly just feature an interaction between Traveler and Paimon thinking about where to go next.

However, some routes will pit the Traveler's ship against storms where they'll have to play a rhythm minigame to successfully proceed. Once either of these are done, the web event will immediately send some rewards to the player's in-game mail.

The rewards for this event are mostly Primogems, Hero's Wits, and Mystic Enhancement Stones.

Last Hoorah Before Patch 2.0

This web event will last until July 20 which is exactly a day before the Patch 2.0 that will contain the new Inazuma region. Similar to this Mysterious Voyage, the Traveler will have to travel by ship to reach the new region. Players will need to wait for the new patch releases to see the adventures will the Traveler have in this first new region to be introduced in the game.

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