Genshin Impact: How To Earn Gold Medals In Never-Ending Battle Event

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Mihoyo is currently running the Never-Ending Battle event in Genshin Impact. Players can clear it easily but earning the challenge's gold medal rewards can be difficult. Here's how you can clear these challenges and get all its rewards.

Genshin Impact Never-Ending Battle Challenges

At first glance, the Never-Ending Battle challenge event pits players against crowds of enemies to earn score within a time limit. Players also have a Momentum system where players can get bonus buffs which boost their team to clear the enemies out faster.


Players will need to use strong team compositions and use the Momentum system actively to earn those gold medals for all the seven challenges.

How To Earn Gold Medals In Never-Ending Battle Event

To get the gold medal, players will need to earn at least 2000 points from defeating foes in the challenge. Reaching this score will depend on the best team that you have. If you have a stacked team of Level 80 to 90 characters, going for Expert mode is advisable. If not, settling for Hard will be good enough.

Picking the right difficulty will make sure that the enemies will immediately be defeated with the right combo.


Synergize With Momentum Buffs

Every challenge will have unique buff which can be upgraded as long as the Momentum meter is maintained well. These buffs will be crucial in maximizing your team's damage output in the fight and keep defeating foes to ramp up your score.

Reading the challenge's description will help which characters are needed to use the buff's full potential.

Keep The Momentum, Keep Using Bursts

Once the fight starts, players will need to be fast on shooting the Momentum targets to upgrade their buffs to the max. The enemies will then spawn after destroying a target and players will need to clear them in a few seconds to reach the best score.


Clearing hordes of foes will need players to not skimp on their Elemental Bursts and keep using them against as many foes as possible. Waiting on the Elemental Bursts to land on all foes is not optimal and players must keep instead keep landing many of these ultimate abilities to bombard and pummel enemy's health to zero.

All-in-all, players will need to feel the momentum of rapid battle so the next spawn of foes will be just in time for 2000 score.