Genshin Impact - Everything We Know So Far About Yoimiya

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Genshin Impact continues to be one of the more popular free-to-play games out there, thanks to its great character designs and solid gameplay, with the recent release of the 1.6 update fans are starting to wonder what comes next.

Well, Genshin Impact’s 1.7 Update is the next content batch to arrive in the next month, and with it, a new region called Inazuma will be showcased, with new challenges, story quests, and even new characters. One of those characters is the new 5-Star Pyro archer Yoimiya, which shows great potential as Pyro DPS based on recent leaks.


Who is Yoimiya? - Character Overview, Skills, and Talents

A talented pyrotechnician and the current owner of Naganohara Fireworks, Yoimiya is also known as the "Queen of the Summer Festival", and a household name in Inazuma. Various celebrations held in Inazuma City every year all have elaborate firework displays created by her, where her exuberant creativity and passion for her craft always leave people pleasantly surprised. On the battlefield, Yoimiya also shows great potential as a Pyro DPS unit, with fast, effective attack moves and aggressive Elemental Skill and Burst.

Note: All the names for the following Attacks, Skills, and Burst Abilities are temporary, literal translations from the leaks. The official translation may differ.

Normal Attack - Firework Show

Normal Attack
Yoimiya will fire 5 consecutive shots with the bow.

Charged Attack
Holding the Attack button will charge an aimed shot.
Charge level 1: Shoots an arrow that deals Pyro damage.
Charged level 2: A maximum of 3 flame arrows will be fired depending on charge duration. These will auto-track nearby enemies and deal Pyro damage.

Plunge attack
Yoimiya descends shooting a rain of arrows and quickly plunges into the ground dealing AOE damage upon landing.


Elemental Skill - The Flame Blazing Dance

Yoimiya’s normal attacks will be converted to Pyro, dealing Pyro damage and increasing the damage of the normal attacks. Charged attack level 2 will no longer generate the tracking arrow. The blazing dance effects will be removed when Yoimiya has switched away.

Elemental Burst - Ryukin Kumomagusa


Yoimiya leaps into the air, firing firework arrows in front of her, dealing AOE Pyro damage and tag one of the enemies hit with a Ryukin Flare

Ryukin Flare

When other party members hit an enemy under the effect of Ryukin Flare with their normal attack, charged attack, plunge attack, elemental skill, or elemental burst, an explosion will occur dealing AOE Pyro damage.
If an enemy under the effect of Ryukin Flare was defeated, the Ryukin Flare will be transferred onto another enemy nearby and will continue for the remaining duration. Ryukin Flare will only explode every 2 seconds. When Yoimiya is defeated, the effect of Ryukin Flare generated by Yoimiya’s skills will also disappear.

Constellation - Carassius Auratus

Akadama Ryukin
Increase the duration of Ryukin Flare by 4 seconds. Additionally, when an enemy is defeated under the effect of Yoimiya’s own Ryukin Flare, Yoimiya’s attack will increase by 20%, which lasts for 20 seconds.


Delivering fire with a million lanterns
When Yoimiya’s Pyro damage causes a crit, she will gain an additional 25% Pyro damage bonus in the next 6 seconds. Yoimiya will still gain this effect even if she is off-field.

The flame trick
Increases the Level of Flame Blazing Dance by 3, up to a maximum level of 15.

The experience of a firework professional
When Yoimiya’s own Ryukin Flare causes an explosion, the CD duration of Flame Blazing Dance is decreased by 1 second.

Summer fest Nishiki-e
Increases the Level of Ryukin Kumomagusa by 3, up to a maximum level of 15.


Potential flow of the stars
During Flame Blazing Dance, whenever Yoimiya uses her normal attack there is a 40% possibility that an additional flame arrow will be fired, dealing 50% of the original damage. This damage is regarded as normal attack damage.

Yomiya Release Date

Despite the leak, it seems like we won’t be seeing Yoimiya in Genshin Impact 1.6, at least not right away. There’s a good chance that she’ll be coming out sometime after the update launches but we could also see her in Genshin Impact 1.7. Only time will tell but considering how she already has a graphic, we’ll see Yoimiya in the game sooner or later.