Genshin Impact Windtrace Event Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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Genshin Impact brings a new event, this time called Windtrace, a new multiplayer game mode that will take Hide-and-seek to a new level, splitting players into a group of Rebels and a Hunter, in a similar fashion to asymmetric multiplayer games like Dead by Daylight. This new game will bring several different rewards, obtainable with an exclusive currency during the event.

Windtrace Event Schedule and requirements

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The Windtrace Event will run from May 14th at 10:00 up until May 24th at 03:59. To play this event, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 and have unlocked all the Statues of the Seven in the map's Event-related areas. Activate them before the event starts so you can start playing right away!

Windtrace Event - Rules & Gameplay

During the Windtrace event, players will be split into two sides to play the "Rebels" and the "Hunter." Rebels must avoid Hunter's pursuit and hold out till the time expires, with the Hunter trying to capture all the Rebels within the stipulated time. To take part in a game of “Windtrace”, players have to talk to a new NPC in Mondstadt called Gygax, use the matching function to find randomized games, and get Windtrace Coins.

Rebels can use their Windward Arts to disguise themselves as designated objects within the current map, place bait, or temporarily enter a hidden state. Likewise, Hunter’s Arts can be used to detect the location of the opposing side and reveal them. During the game, "Favors" will descend upon the area at random. Picking up a "Favor" will charge one's "Secret Favor," an art that can be decisive in determining victory or defeat.

Windward Arts

All original Combat Talents will be replaced with "Windward Arts". Travelers can select the Windward Arts they want to use before the game starts. Secret Favors are Windward Arts that can be picked up that replace the Elemental Burst.


Normal Attack - Transparency
Enter hidden mode temporarily. During this time, you cannot be seen by the Hunter. Entering this mode will dispel your current disguise. The Hunter's Windward Arts "Capture!," "Mysterious Hunch," and "Sensor Aura" will all still take effect against a hidden Rebel.

Normal Attack - Lay Bait
Place a suitable piece of Bait in the area ahead to confuse the Hunter. If the Hunter attempts to capture the Bait, their vision will be obscured for a short time. If you are in a disguise, the Bait will take on the same guise as you.

Elemental Skill - Disguise
Click: Randomly disguise as one of the specialized objects in the area.
Hold: Remove the disguise.
The disguise will be removed when you glide or swim.

Elemental Burst - Starstep
Movement SPD is greatly increased for the next 30s.


When time is almost up, the Hunter's Movement SPD will be greatly increased, and the CD of "Capture!" will be decreased.

Sensor Aura - Normal Attack
Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if a Rebel is in the area.

Mysterious Hunch - Normal Attack
Briefly show the direction in which all the Rebels can be found.

Capture! - Elemental Skill
Dispel the disguise of a nearby Rebel and capture them.

Imprisoning Curse - Elemental Burst
Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and restrains them for a time. During this time, the target will be unable to leave the restraining area. The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Insight - Elemental Burst
Dispels the disguises of all Rebels and briefly marks their location on the minimap while showing the position of nearby Rebels on the scene with a pillar of light. During this time, the Rebels will be unable to disguise themselves. The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Hunter's Intuition - Elemental Burst
Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and marks their location on the minimap for a long period of time. If the target is nearby, their location will be marked by a pillar of light. The target cannot Disguise themselves for the duration of this effect. The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Windtrace Rewards, Challenges & Coin Bonuses

After taking part in a game of “Windtrace”, players will obtain Windtrace Coins. These can only be obtained this way, and you will be unable to get them while playing with friends. On the first day of the event, the maximum amount of Windtrace Coins you will be able to carry is 1,200. This will increase by 600 for each of the 6 days after that, up to 4,800.

Accumulate certain amounts of Windtrace Coins to claim the event rewards, like Primogems, an Event Namecard called "Celebration: Peekaboo!", Character EXP Materials, Mora, and more. You will be able to complete Windtrace Challenges and Windtrace Coin Bonuses to obtain additional Mora rewards after every match. The list goes as it follows:

Windtrace Challenges
Note: Windtrace Challenge Rewards can be obtained in custom Co-op parties.

-Capture a Rebel within 10s of using Mysterious Hunch - 50,000 Mora
-Detect a total of 5 Rebels using the Sensor Aura - 50,000 Mora
-Win once as a Rebel without using Disguise - 50,000 Mora
-Use "Lay Bait" to obscure a Hunter's vision a total of 5 times - 50,000 Mora
-Obtain one "Favor" during a single match - 50,000 Mora

Windtrace Coin Bonuses
For each victory - 100 Coins
For each Rebel captured while playing as the Hunter - 80 Coins
For each "Favor" gained - 50 Coins
For each second the objective is achieved ahead of time while playing as the Hunter - 1 Coin
For each second you remain free while playing as a Rebel - 1 Coin
Attain "Rapid Offensive" as the Hunter: achieve victory within 30 seconds of using a "Secret Favor" - 50 Coins
Attain "Final Countdown" as the Hunter: capture all the Rebels within 120 seconds - 100 Coins
Attain "Cleanup Time" as the Hunter: capture all Rebels before this round ends - 100 Coins
Attain "The Hunter's Defeat" as the Hunter: 1 Rebel escapes capture - 50 Coins
Attain "The Hunter's Error" as the Hunter: 2 Rebels escape capture - 50 Coins
Attain "No Return" as the Hunter: fail to capture any Rebels - 50 Coins
Attain "Last Spark" as a Rebel: be the sole escapee - 100 Coins
Attain "Safe Withdrawal" as a Rebel: be marked by Mysterious Hunch 3 times but still achieve victory without getting captured - 50 Coins
Attain "In Broad Daylight" as a Rebel: be marked by the Sensor Aura 3 times but still achieve victory without getting captured - 100 Coins
Attain "Aegis of Justice" as a Rebel: use a "Secret Favor" once - 50 Coins
Attain "Fight to the Finish" as a Rebel: achieve victory without being captured - 100 Coins
Attain "Tacit Understanding" as a Rebel: achieve victory thanks to your teammates after getting captured - 50 Coins
Attain "So Close, but So Far" as a Rebel: be the last Rebel to get captured - 50 Coins
Attain "Recon in Force" as a Rebel: be the first Rebel to get captured in this round - 50 Coins
Attain "Utter Chaos" as a Rebel: be the second Rebel to get captured in this round - 50 Coins

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