Genshin Impact: Will Scaramouche Be A Playable Character?

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Aside from introducing allies, Genshin Impact is also great at showing off its villains. One of these villains is Scaramouche who happens to be a Fatui Harbinger and has worked against the Traveler on one occassion. Will this character be an ally of the traveler soon?

Complicated Relationship

During the event where the Traveler teams with Fischl to investigate a mysterious meteor, Scaramouche is introduced in the story as watching over an unconscious person in the street. The character is presented to be amiable and jovial to the Traveler and even offers some helpful advice on what to do next.


However, Scaramouche's true colors is seen later in the story as Mona helps the Traveler flee from them and even berates his Fatui subordinates for speaking out of line. Later in the story, he also acts as a villain as he aimed to kill the Traveler at one point.

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Give Him A Reason

As of now, the Fatui and Snezhnaya are painted as a villainous region as they've been causing trouble on other nations while keeping their legalities in check to stay operating further. Even so, it is not impossible to make friends with the Fatui as seen with Tartaglia.


Even as a Fatui, Tartaglia chose to assist the Traveler as he had his reasons to do so and is considered to not be fully aligned to the end goal of the Fatui. In order for Scaramouche to do the same, Mihoyo needs to progress the story further and set up a good reason for him to at least help the Traveler on one occassion.

Inazuma Incoming

As of now, Mihoyo is gearing up to release Inazuma in Genshin Impact soon. Before Kaedehara Kazuha, Scaramouche was the first unique character to be introduced that could be from Inazuma.

Potentially, Scaramouche may take the spotlight again if he'll show up in Inazuma. As of the current story, he has yet to make another appearance.


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