Why You Should Spend Fragile Resins In Genshin Impact

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Since the beginning of the game, Mihoyo has introduced the Fragile Resin item as an energy refill item for players. However, many players are holding on to the item for the longest time. Here's why you should start spending your Fragile Resins

Genshin Impact's Fragile Resin Use

As an item, the Fragile Resin refills the Original Resin meter for 60 resin when used. This item never expires and will stay in the Traveler's inventory as long as it is not used up. Meanwhile, the Original Resin is a rechargeable resource that is used to pay Ley Line Outcrops and Trees to get rewards.


Even though the item is designed for refilling resins, some players can be hoarding it for some reason. The Fragile Resin item currently has one use in Genshin Impact.

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Easier Battle Pass Levelups

Among the Battle Pass challenges, players are often required to spend some Original Resin to get the mission rewards. To keep getting Battle Pass experience, players will need to spend at least 150 Original Resin every day and 1200 Original Resin every week.

For a whole week, satsifying the 150 Original Resin every day use won't reach the 1200 needed for the weekly challenge. Moreover, some players may get busy throughout the week and have skip a day of playing Genshin Impact.

To stay on top of these missions, Fragile Resin use could bump up your Original Resin use especially if only playing in times when you're available from other busy work. Normally, Original Resin recharges for 1 resin per 8 minutes which is too slow to work with if planning to cram it out.

Stronger Characters For Easier Content


Normally, the content which require Original Resin to earn its rewards will give the player an avenue to improve their characters. As long as Resin use is planned well, players can keep upgrading their characters to their maximum potential.

Characters upgraded to their highest stats and high-level 5-star artifacts can help players feel that their Genshin Impact is a breeze. Using up your Fragile Resin hastens up the gathering process to improve your characters which definitely is a plus especially when planning to see more of Mihoyo has to add in the game.

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