Genshin Impact Why You Should Roll For Kazuha

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After Klee’s banner, Mihoyo has confirmed that the next limited character banner would be for Kazuha. This character would be the first one from the region of Inazuma. Here’s why you should roll for this upcoming character.

Fun, Flashy Character To Play

Similar to Keqing, leaks show that Kazuha has an extensive moveset that affords him mobility during battle. His Elemental Skill propels Kazuha into the air with an upward gust of wind. Other than just lifting himself up in the air, Kazuha’s plunging attack is also unique as it generates a small vortex that pulls enemies in that gets caught in.

Lastly, his Elemental Burst unleashes a picturesque zone of Anemo winds that adapts its visuals depending on the element that mixes with it. Overall, Kazuha’s moveset oozes with style as he fights foes with windy flourish.

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Great Utility

As an Anemo character, Kazuha naturally synergizes well with many elements with his windy slashes. Due to how Swirl works together with other elements easily, Kazuha works well with any character other than Geo characters.

Moreover, Kazuha also has his own vortex of wind to herd enemies together albeit smaller compared to other Anemo characters. Nevertheless, he can be a self-sufficient damage dealer with his own way of grouping foes together. At best, Kazuha is in the middle of the supportive Anemo characters and Xiao who blasts foes with massive Anemo damage that cares less for setting up for teammates.

Elemental Mastery Character

According to leaks, Kazuha’s Elemental Mastery goes up passively when he is ascended. Additionally, Mihoyo has just buffed the Elemental Mastery stat to scale better even when stacked up high to at least 900. At high Elemental Mastery stats, elemental reactions tend to be more deadly as it hits more than 10k damage when setup right. This damage is enough to rival the usual Critical and Attack stat builds.

Potentially, Kazuha could be the first character that can properly be focused on capitalizing the Elemental Mastery buff and deal damage without worrying for their attack, critical damage, and critical chance stats.

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