Genshin Impact: Why You Should Get Ayaka On Release

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Mihoyo has recently confirmed that Kamisato Ayaka will be one of the new characters coming to the game in a character banner. Many players may be planning to skip Ayaka when her banner arrives. Here's why you should pick her up even when not planning to use her as a main carry.

Inazuma Is An Island Nation

As confirmed in leaks and in the game's story, Inazuma is an island nation separated from the mainland by water. The leaks confirm that Inazuma will have some areas that have alot of area covered with water.


Once July 21 arrives, Kamisato Ayaka is said to be the first character banner to arrive once Inazuma is available in Patch 2.0

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Ayaka's Unique Dash

One of Ayaka's unique skills is that her dash is also different from the rest of the cast. Instead of sprinting to certain directions, Ayaka will sink to the floor and leave behind an icy trail as she moves forward. This special dash also works on water which allows her to easily outpace other characters that will swim to those locations.

Adding Kamisato Ayaka to your party will allow players to bypass yet another adventure problem they may experience in Inazuma. Previously, Liyue was full of mountainous cliffs and tall rock formations which forced the players to climb a lot to get to new places. In Inazuma, traveling the vast leagues of sea and ocean could make it easier for your experience.


If Kamisato Ayaka didn't arrive on any of your rolls, there are other ways to bypass traveling the waters of Inazuma. Another 5-star character, Mona, also has her water dash which also works similarly to Ayaka's dash. Mona can also sprint over oceans as long as she doesnt run out of stamina.


Lastly, the cheapest choice to not swim in the region entirely is using Kaeya in your party. Even though he may not be leveled enough to deal damage, his Elemental Skill has longest freeze time for water. The freeze time is long enough for Kaeya to cast another Elemental Skill to extend the ice bridge toward another location.

Travelling the seas as Kaeya may be a bit slower but at least it prevents a team wipeout from drowning in water for as long the bridge stands.

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