Genshin Impact: Why Beidou Can Carry Players In Inazuma

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Mihoyo is slowly easing the players in to the next update where the Electro region will be introduced. As it will have new enemies themed to the region's element, players will need a character to protect them from it. Based on what we know so far, you might want to have a really good Beidou Build.

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Here's why Beidou will be a great carry for players venturing forth in Inazuma


Electro Enemies

According to leaks, Genshin Impact will get new Electro enemies once the new region arrives. The Electro Archon's troops, samurais, hilichurls, and other enemies is said to face the Traveler in their journey inside the new region. Some of them have the Electro element which are generally good at breaking elemental barriers and keeping enemies flinching with rapid-fire elemental reactions and attacks.

Players who wish to survive against the Electro elemental enemies will need to prepare a character who can withstand all these attacks.

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Beidou's Speciality

So far, the Electro characters only have one character that uses the element supportively and defensively and that is Beidou. This character has been available in the game since release and has been a major character in the recent main story quest that featured Kaedehara Kazuha.

Gameplay-wise, she uses the Electro element to block an attack and heave a massive return swing that deals high damage to foes. Other than this parrying ability, her skill also generates an Electro shield that absorbs hits for the player.

However, this barrier has improved Electro damage absorption which allows it to not break easily from Electro damage. If her artifacts are built right, Beidou can have a strong enough shield to take all the Electro hits from the new enemies and let the party fight without worry of getting knocked out fast.


Awaiting Announcements

As of now, many fans are still waiting for the next Special Program that'll have the details for the next Inazuma update. Mihoyo has already announced that the next livestream will be on July 9 and will cover the updates moving forward on the next Patch 1.7.

Fans will have to wait for the reveals to see how many Electro enemies will they see that'll be ineffective against Beidou's defensive Electro abilities.

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