Genshin Impact: Who Is Alice?

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Table of Contents

The festivities of the Midsummer Island Adventure event in Genshin Impact has just been concluded with a new character reveal. The culprit of the whole adventure is no other than Klee’s own mother, Alice? However, who is Alice in Genshin Impact’s story?

End Of Summer

After clearing the The Final Riddle: A Secret Uncovered and the gemstones are slotted in, the barrier surrounding the island disappears and reveals an island furnished for a summer vacation getaway. More than looking like a proper beach, the island has toys and gifts for Klee.


Lastly, the Traveler, Klee and the whole search party finds out there was no Dodo King all along and it was just Klee’s mother all along. However, Alice herself is not physically there and is only congratulating Klee and the Traveler through a long-distance call through a gramophone device.

The Midsummer Island Adventure event’s story closes with knowing that the journey to the Golden Apple Archipelago was a gift from Alice and the invited people should enjoy themselves in the islands.

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Alice In Teyvat

As of now, Alice has yet to make a personal appearance to the Traveler of Genshin Impact. However, she is mentioned by other characters in the game. So far, Alice is also known to be the rival of Mona’s mentor when it comes to magic. Both Alice and Mona’s mentor are known to be powerful sorceresses in their own right. As for what kind of magic she uses, we’ve yet to fully know.

Aside from being a powerful sorceress, Alice is also known to author the Teyvat Travel Guide which helps adventurers in knowing more about the lay of the land.

Lastly, Alice is known also to be a troublemaker similar to her daughter Klee. Upon reading the Gliding Instruction Manual, Alice was also detained after showing off her gliding skills on Windrise. However, Mondstadt authorities apprehend people who use wind gliders recklessly and Knights of Favonius also detained her for 10 days.


Future Playable Character?

As of now, Alice adds to growing list of potenchatial characters to join the Traveler’s adventure in Genshin Impact. The next set of characters will be from Inazuma up until the end of update 1.7. After that, no official details about which characters will arrive on update 1.8.

Genshin Impact players may have to wait for the main story to progress to catch up and meet Alice along her travels.

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