Genshin Impact: Where To Find & Farm Cecilia Flowers

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In Genshin Impact, Cecilia is one of the flower specialities that can be picked up in Mondstadt. However, these flowers only spawn in one area in the region. Here's where you can farm Cecilia flowers easily.

Cecilia Flowers Location - Where To Find & Farm

If looking for Cecilia flowers, they can be picked up from the Starsnatch Cliff. Teleport to the Midsummer Courtyard and aim to climb the peek of the Starsnatch Cliff. The flower only spawns in this area and it'll be crucial to scour every part of the cliff.


The Starsnatch Cliff only has 13 Cecilia so return trips to get more will be needed.

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Cecilia Uses

While the Cecilia sightings may be rare, its use in the game is currently is also few. Albedo and Venti needs Cecilia to ascend and unlock more of their levels.


Other than character ascension, Cecilia is also used to craft Anemoculus Resonance Stone gadgets. These stones are used to track Anemoculus positions in Mondstadt and can be great tools in upgrading your Mondstadt Statue of the Seven to maximum.

In The Future

For now, it makes sense to only get a few at a time due to its limited uses. In the future, Mihoyo may introduce a new Mondstadt character that may need the Cecilia flowers for ascending them.

We'll have to wait for more information from Mihoyo if Cecilia will have more uses in Genshin Impact moving forward.


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