Everything You Need to Know about Genshin Impact Weapons

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Wondering how to get weapons in Genshin Impact?

The ways are many, but the quality weapons are few.


You can get weapons in Genshin Impact from almost anything, including opening chests and forging them yourself.

However, you find the best Genshin Impact weapons the same way you get characters: wishing.

That means there’s plenty of randomness and luck involved, and you often won’t get the best weapons or the ones you want without spending a fair few Primogems.

However, Genshin Impact ameliorates the issue by letting you forge a few strong weapons and letting the pity system apply to weapon wishes as well.

Table of Contents

Here’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact weapons.

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Genshin Impact Weapon Types

Genshin has five weapon types:

  • Swords
  • Bows
  • Claymores (big, heavy swords)
  • Catalysts
  • Polearms (spears)

Catalysts come in two types, books and orbs, but they're the same basic weapon.

Every weapon type has a normal attack, a charged attack that consumes stamina, and a plunge attack you can trigger in midair.


How to Get Weapons in Genshin Impact

You'll find weapons in chests and, sometimes, as enemy item drops. A handful of weapons can be forged in Mondstadt and Liyue (and presumably Inazuma City once 2.0 releases), but the bulk of higher-quality weapons come from Wishes.

Forging Weapons in Genshin Impact

You can take Billet-series items, Crystal Chunk, and White Iron Chunk to the blacksmith in any city and have them forge a four-star weapon corresponding to the type of Billet item you used.

The Prototype weapon is always the better choice thanks to its superior enhancement skill and damage output.

The only limit on how many weapons you can forge is how much ore you have and how many Billet items you have. Given the rarity of landing a good weapon Wish, though, it's worth taking the time to get these items and forge weapons.

Genshin Impact Weapon Banners

Weapon banners are called the Epitome Invocation in Genshin Impact. The spotlight weapons rotate with each update, though there's a small chance of getting weapons not included in the spotlight and even of obtaining characters.


You'll also get three-star weapons in Wishes on character banners - probably more often than you'd like.

Genshin Impact Weapon Pity

There's a weapon pity system as well, and it's a bit different from the character pity system. The Epitome Invocation pity system means you're guaranteed a five-star weapon on your 80th Wish.

"Pity" is putting it lightly, since it costs more than 12,000 Primogems to get there.

Genshin Impact Weapon Soft Pity

There's a Genshin Impact 50/50 pity system at play with Epitome Invocation as well, though the percentages aren't quite 50/50. When you get a 5 star weapon, there's a 75% chance it'll be one of the 5 star weapons featured in that banner.

If the 5 star weapon obtained isn't a featured one, then the next 5 star weapon is guaranteed to be that one.


Epitomized Path - Genshin Impact Weapon Pity Change

miHoYo announced the Epitomized Path system slated for release during Genshin Impact 2.0. This new weapon pity system is essentially institutionalizing the soft pity system.

You'll pick a five-star weapon you want and, if you get a five-star that isn't the one you chose, you'll earn a Fate Point. Once you get two Fate Points, the next five-star weapon you get is guaranteed to be the one chosen in the Epitomized Path.

Event Weapons

Some events, such as the recent Midsummer Island Adventure event, offer unique weapons as rewards for participating. These get absorbed back into the weapon pool afterward, so it's always worth taking part when you can.

The rest of the time, you'll be pulling three star weapons and finding two stars in the field.

Genshin Impact 2 Star Weapons

Most of the weapons you'll encounter during your time in Teyvat are two- and three-star weapons.


Don't waste your time with two-star weapons. These are only good for feeding your stronger weapons, and you'll get plenty of three star weapons during Wishes anyway.

Genshin Impact 3 Star Weapons

While three star weapons aren't the greatest, don't write them off completely. Cool Steel, Black Tassel, and Sharpshooter's Oath are handy stopgaps to outfit your party while you save Primogems and ore for better weapons.

However, don't feel very attached them. With a few exceptions, Sharpshooter's Oath included, four star weapons are always better.

Genshin Impact Weapon EXP

Genshin Impact weapons are unique in that they level up just like characters. However, they require items to gain experience.

Those dozens and dozens of Debate Clubs and others earned through Wishes to make it happen. The most efficient way to level up weapons in Genshin Impact, however, is using Enhancement Ore, and Mystical Enhancement Ore in particular.


These items are typically given out as quest rewards, though you can forge Enhancement Ore at the blacksmith's if you want to use your Crystal and White Iron Chunks for it instead of for weapon forging.

Genshin Impact Weapon Ascension

Also like with characters, you'll need to Ascend weapons once they hit certain levels. Weapons require ascension materials such as Decarabian-series items, Bone Fragments, Dead Ley Line Branches, and more.

Plan on hitting the Domains more often the further you progress because you need to ascend your weapons as soon as you can.

Genshin Impact Weapon Refinement

Finally is weapon refinement. In Genshin Impact, every weapon has a special skill that levels up independently of the weapon's other stats and ascension.

You'll need to feed it another weapon of the same type to further the weapon refinement skill. That's significantly more difficult for rare weapons, but a good idea for three-star weapons and weapons you forge.