Genshin Impact: Top 3 Things To Do To Prepare For Inazuma

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Mihoyo is slowly easing in and teasing content about the arrival of Inazuma in Genshin Impact. A new adventure awaits in the third region that's going to be introduced in the game. Fortunately, the player can prepare before the region finally arrives in the game.

Invest In Cryo Characters

As seen in the lore, the Electro Archon governs the nation of Inazuma with an iron fist. It's highly possible to see more Electro enemies in the region. As seen in the game, the Electro element's weakness is Cryo.


To prepare for these potentially new Electro enemies, investing in some Cryo characters would do best to help your team survive in the area. Characters like Ganyu, Eula, and possibly Ayaka would do best for your team.

If these characters are not available for your team, 4-star Cryo characters like Kaeya, Diona, Chongyun and Rosaria would also do well for team. Securing these Cryo characters assures that your team will not have any problem dealing with Electro shields if the enemies use them.

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Ready Your Primogems

Along with the new region, Genshin Impact will also have new character banners that'll have natives from Inazuma. Players who want to get them will need to earn enough Primogems to secure more chances of getting these characters.


So far, Yoimiya, Ayaka, and Sayu are the new Inazuma characters coming to Genshin Impact. As of now, the wandering samurai from Inazuma, Kazuha, can also be pulled from the limited character banner and will last until July 20.

Prepare For Upgrades

As the new characters arrive, these newcomers will also need their own materials and experience to fully unlock their potential in battle. It'll be best to prepare as much Hero's Wit, Elemenal Gemstones, and Mora for when they arrive.

The other materials needed for their ascension will be Inazuma local specialty pickups which can only be gathered in the new region. Farming up the other materials before Inazuma lightens up the load in improving the newer characters you might get in next update of Genshin Impact.


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