Genshin Impact: Top 3 Best Weapons For Kazuha

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Mihoyo has recently released the new character, Kaedehara Kazuha, on its live servers. Many players are currently trying out builds to maximize his strength as a Anemo team carry in Genshin Impact. Here's our top 3 weapons that can make the difference in achieving that Kazuha carry goal.

Freedom Sworn

If you're lucky, Freedom Sworn is the 5-star best weapon option for Kaedehara Kazuha when it comes to stats and effects. The main weapon effect works similarly to Eula's Song of Broken Pines Claymore where ATK buffs stack up when hitting foes with Normal and Charged attacks.


However, the true benefit of this sword is its main stat growth of Elemental Mastery which works wonders on Kazuha. As an Anemo character, Kazuha deals high damage through mixing other elements with Anemo Swirl damage and Elemental Mastery further boosts the potency of these elemental reactions.

If your Kazuha is wearing this, setting him up with a Viridescent Venerer artifact set with high Elemental Mastery stats will bring his damage up to astronomical heights.

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Iron Sting

Genshin Impact Iron Sting Kazuha Weapon Guide
Genshin Impact's Iron Sting

The Iron Sting is a craftable 4-star weapon from Blacksmiths and is a solid pick for Kazuha if Freedom Sworn is not available or out of budget. The weapon works well with Kazuha as it gives out Elemental Mastery for its main stat growth like Freedom Sworn. Kazuha players with this weapon will need to build their artifacts to reach high Elemental Mastery again.


Its weapon effect that boosts any damage output upon triggering an elemental reaction also works wonders on Kazuha. As a straight-out DMG boost and not ATK boost effect, Iron Sting generally improves Kazuha's damage output for all of his attacks and not just a specific one like most weapons do.

Building Iron Sting up until maximum refinement level is also possible if five Northland Sword Billet is available. These Billets can be obtained at a low chance from World Bosses and through the Northlander Billet Trove boxes given out at events. If aiming to save resources, one Iron Sting at its lowest refinement level will do.

Festering Desire

Genshin Impact Festering Desire Kazuha Weapon Guide
Genshin Impact Festering Desire Kazuha Weapon Guide

For long time players who've yet to build a Sword character carry, the event weapon from Albedo's Dragonspine adventures would do nicely. At first glance, the Festering Desire does have an Energy Recharge main stat which doesn't improve Kazuha's damage output.


However, its weapon effect that boosts Elemental Skill damage and critical rate make this weapon a strong for Kazuha. For many players, event weapons are also upgraded to the maximum levels and refinement which assures that Festering Desire will contribute well to Kazuha's damage.

For this weapon, it is still viable to go for an Elemental Mastery artifact build or try their luck with Critical Rate and Critical Damage builds. Lastly it's also viable to go for a supportive Kazuha build with a high Energy Recharge which is fairly common for many Anemo characters in the game.

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