Genshin Impact's To the Stars Once More Event Invites Lapsed Adventurers Back

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Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More is the latest Genshin Impact web event, and it runs from now through May 20.

Unlike the last Genshin web event, the Hilidream camp event, this one isn’t open to everyone — not quite, at least.

It’s a referral event where you can invite a fellow Genshin player who hasn’t logged in for more than two weeks, and if they use your referral code, you both get some sweet rewards.


The other requirement is being at least Adventure Rank 10 or higher, and you can’t have activated the Stellar Reunion event for the past 45 days.

The rewards include Primogems, naturally, plus a chance to earn real-world Genshin Impact merchandise.

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And because this is Genshin Impact, there’s whole set of energy and items used exclusively for this event.

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Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More Event: How to Start

The miHoYo website directs you to the Genshin web event page.

You’ll need to be logged into your miHoYo account, and then you’ll get a voucher code to share with a friend.

If you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or PS5, you can find the event in your Paimon mail.


Genshin Impact Exploration Energy

Once the friend (or random acquaintance) redeems the voucher, you’ll earn Exploration Energy.

Completing other tasks, typically also revolving around inviting friends and redeeming vouchers, earns more Exploration Energy.

You’ll exchange this for Exploration Gift Vouchers

Genshin Impact To the Stars Once More Rewards

You’ll automatically get Primogems and level--up materials for participating.

Redeeming Exploration Vouchers earns you one of five random merchandise prizes, including:

  • Genshin Impact Chibi Acrylic Hanger
  • Genshin Impact Chibi Badge
  • Mondstadt Character Acrylic Figure
  • Liyue Character Acrylic Figure
  • Genshin Impact Mousemat

You’ll also need to provide a current mailing address to receive the items, and as they require time to manufacture, there will be a delay between the time you win and the time your item ships.

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