Genshin Impact: How To Open Twinning Isle Locked Chest

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The new Genshin Impact 1.6 event introduces Echoing Conches that plays a recorded conversation of people that once set foot on the Golden Apple Archipelago. One of the conversations notes of a family heirloom chest that was left behind that could be found by the Traveler. However, the heirloom chest is locked with a password that needs to be deciphered from clues coming from the conches.

Twinning Isle Family Heirloom Chest

Upon teleporting to the Twinning Isle after triggering the massive low tide in the archipelago, players can find an Echoing Conch talking about the treasure chest. According to the recording, a group of survivors in the area chose to leave the family heirloom chest behind to focus on saving as much people as they can.


Finding this specific conch will add the “They Who Hear The Sea” quest to the player. The quest tasks the Traveler to find where the chest is buried. Upon uncovering the chest and opening it, Paimon and the Traveler finds it has a lock.

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Chest Password

The clues for the chest’s password can be found in other Echoing Conches related to a poem that the grandma keeps telling her children. Players will need four more conches to decipher the password. These conches are the remaining four conches under the Songs of a Distant Home group.


Upon finding the right conches, the Traveler needs to decipher a four-digit passcode to use on the chest from the poem. Taking the numbers from each of the poem’s stanzas, the passcode for the chest is 5214.

Take The Reward

Upon punching in the codes, the family heirloom chest opens up and rewards the Traveler with more Primogems. Players won’t be getting any important key item from the chest and works similarly like any other Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact.

Nevertheless, opening the chest concludes the quest and players can return exploring to go for the other activities in the Golden Apple Archipelago.


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