Genshin Impact World Quest: The Winding Homeward Way Walkthrough and Rewards

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Genshin Impact has a variety of World Quests that provide insightful information about the many regions of Teyvat and the characters living in it. Some of them are hidden and only appear under certain conditions, and some others are locked behind Adventure Rank and Main Story progression, but all of them reward the player with useful items such as large amounts of Mora, Ascension Materials, and even Primogems.

The new Midsummer Island Adventure Event brings new World Quests, and with them, a lot of useful rewards.

Event World Quest - The Winding Homeward Way


To unlock this quest, you have to go to the Minacious Isle, and from the Teleport point spot and follow the Seelie floating at the top of the rock formation. Approaching it will make it move, and once it stops at the bottom, investigate the surrounding area. You will have to light up all the Elemental Monuments in the following correct following manner using Elemental Skills:

  • Cryo
  • Anemo
  • Pyro
  • Hydro

The Cryo and Anemo monuments are on the ground, and the Pyro and Hydro monuments are on upside-down arches above, which can only be hit using Bows or Elemental Wind-Blessed Harpasta. These two Monuments can be activated in the following manner:

  • Hydro Monument: Move the Twister Ring into Position 1 and shoot a Wind-Blessed Harpastum through the Hydro Ring, into the Twister Ring.
  • Pyro Monument: Move the Twister Ring into Position 2 and shoot a Wind-Blessed Harpastum through the Pyro Ring, into the Twister Ring.

Once that’s done you have to follow the Seelie again, and a few enemies will spawn:

  • Anemo Slime ×2
  • Large Anemo Slime ×1

Defeat those enemies and follow the Seelie one last time through the portal, then you need to destroy the debris and wait for the Seelie to return to the platform where a Luxurious Chest will spawn, thus ending the quest and giving you various rewards.


The Winding Homeward Way - Rewards

  • 250 EXP
  • 20000 Mora
  • 30 Primogems