Genshin Impact's Chasm Region Won't Be Released In 2021, Leaks Suggest

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Genshin Impact introduces new game content from time to time. This includes game areas, primarily the regions which are vital in the game’s storyline and open-world nature.

One of those rumored regions to arrive in the game is The Chasm. There is only a little information so far about it, but fans are already wondering when it will be released.


Unfortunately, they may have to wait longer before they get to explore the alleged new game region in Genshin Impact. But you might want to keep reading to know more about The Chasm in Genshin Impact, including if will it be delayed or not.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Delayed

A handful of Genshin Impact leaks suggest that there could be a possible delay in the release of The Chasm in the game.


This includes a tweet posted by Genshin Report on Twitter, wherein it mentioned that The Chasm won’t be released until early to mid-2022.

Although this is still not confirmed by game developers miHoYo, this may seem to be a piece of strong evidence because of the rumours that the Inazuma region might be released first, and it could sometime around 2021.

There is also a photo posted on a reply by user ‘em’ on Twitter that showed what could be the mountain part of The Chasm.

Genshin Impact Confirmed Information About The Chasm

Some of the only confirmed information about The Chasm in Genshin Impact is that it is located in the western part of the Lisha region in Liyue.

Also, The Chasm was ‘formed by a falling star somewhere around 6,000 years ago according to the game’s legend. But it somehow returned to the heavens in the duration of the Archon War, leaving a chasm or a large expanse on to the ground.


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