Genshin Impact: Story Teaser Reveal Kazuha Backstory In Inazuma

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Mihoyo has recently released the story teaser featuring Kaedehara Kazuha's story. In this teaser, Kazuha retells the tale of his fallen friend at the hands of the Electro Archon. Here's what we know about Kazuha's tale in Genshin Impact.

Confidant To A Friend


So far, Kazuha's story starts as a confidant to another renowned samurai. Kazuha's friend disliked the oppressive decrees of the Electro Archon and personally went to confront the Archon. However, this decision proved to be his last and the Electro Archon struck Kazuha's friend down.

In the end, Kazuha took his friend's Vision and fled the scene. During the latest main story quest of Genshin Impact, Kazuha shares the story to the Traveler and aims to return to Inazuma to face the Electro Archon too.

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Masterless Vision

During the story teaser, it is seen that Kazuha's friend had an Electro Vision before finally meeting his fate at the hands of the Electro Archon. So far, Kazuha's friend is one of the few deaths acknowledged in the game's story. Due to his death, the Vision has lost its light and doesn't show its Electro light anymore.


At best, Kazuha's story features the mortality of some Vision characters in Genshin Impact's story. People blessed with Visions will lose the blessing upon death and

Wrath Of The Electro Archon

So far, Genshin Impact's story features the Electro Archon's willingness to use force against her own people to exercise her authority. The first two Archons met in Genshin Impact have been pretty tame as seen in the personalities and goals of Venti and Zhongli.

Following the reveals about the Electro Archon, Inazuma will be the first region in the game where players will have to confront the Archon in some way instead of in meeting them in some amicable way early.


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