Genshin Impact World Quest: Return of the Jade Chamber? Walkthrough and Rewards

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Genshin Impact has a variety of World Quests that provide insightful information about the many regions of Teyvat and the characters living in it. Some of them are hidden and only appear under certain conditions, and some others are locked behind Adventure Rank and Main Story progression, but all of them reward the player with useful items such as large amounts of Mora, Ascension Materials, and even Primogems.

World Quest - Return of the Jade Chamber?

You learn from a Millelith named Kun that there are plans to rebuild the previously destroyed Jade Chamber and that some small preparations to that end are already taking place...

Pre-Requisites - Finishing the Quest “Fishing For Jade”

Starting Location - Liyue Harbor, Liyue


Start the quest by talking to Kun

Talk to Jifang

Talk to Qingzhou

Give a serving of Delicious Triple-Layered Consommé to Qingzhou

  • Triple-Layered Consommé
    This is a Food item that the player can cook, and the recipe for Triple-Layered Consommé is purchasable from Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant after reaching Adventure Rank 40.

Talk to Qingzhou and obtain the Quest Item “Meadow of Gems”

Talk to Master Lu and chase the boars away

Report back to Master Lu

Report back to Baiwen, thus finishing this World Quest

Return of the Jade Chamber? - Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x150
  • Mora x50,000
  • Teachings of Prosperity x2
  • Teachings of Diligence x2
  • Teachings of Gold x2

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