Genshin Impact: New Patch 2.0 May Surprise Players On Release

Mihoyo has recently introduced alot of new features and content in Genshin Impact for its Patch 2.0 update. For the longest time, this is the first major update coming to the game since its release. Players could be surprised on the content it has to bring to the game.

Genshin Impact Patch 2.0 Update Content Surge

More than a new region, Mihoyo has promised more content and features in Genshin Impact for Patch 2.0. Once the patch drops, players will have to try everything out and attempt to clear every new quests it gives to the player.

However, this update is not just a single event where its quests are timegated or can be cleared all in a single day. Players may have to think twice in taking on a whole region of content.

For many players, the experience of clearing the big Mondstadt and Liyue regions are at least four patches behind our memories. More than quests, players may have to activate the new Teleport Waypoints and Statue of the Seven in the region

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Golden Apple Archipelago Blues

Before the Patch 2.0, players were given a taste of exploring a new region which was the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players would explore the new area who started the questline would have to do quests to unlock more area to explore in the region. Players may not have enough time in one day if planning to explore this region.

This situation could be repeated in Inazuma. The developers confirmed that the Inazuma region won't fully be released in this update. Nevertheless, the exploration in this region could be large enough to last players until the next update. It could be impossible to clear it in a single day.

July 21 Release

The Patch 2.0 release is scheduled this coming July 21. Every players may fully see what Inazuma has to offer. According to the Mihoyo Special Program, the Traveler will arrive in Inazuma and be accomodated by the Kamisato clan. This clan is currently in conflict with the Electro Archon as they seek to protect the people from the Archon's oppressive decrees.

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